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Martyr, Church Father and Bishop of Smyrna
Born     AD 69
Died     AD 155 Smyrna
Honored in     
Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Catholic Churches
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodox Church
Anglican Communion
Lutheran Church
Feast     February 23 (formerly January 26)
Attributes     wearing the pallium, holding a book representing his Letter to the Philippians
Patronage     against earache, dysentery
Major work(s)     Polycarp's letter to the Philippians

Apostolic Father; Bishop of Smyrna; an important  Christian figure who links the Apostolic Age with the time of Apostolic Fathers; critically opposed Marcionites and Valentinians; have conversations with the Apostle John and those who had seen Jesus; his letters shows a significant acquaintance with the New Testament, particularly the Pastoral Epistles; went to Rome to discuss with the Bishop which resulted in an agreement that each church could maintain its own custom and that church in Asia could continue the Qartodeciman practice; during a public pagan festival, was arrested around the age of 86 because of refusal to recant his faith; Martyrium Polycarpi, written by his church, recorded his trial and martyrdom (first by burning and then by dragger) as well as the first Christian account of martyrdom and the earliest witness to the Christian practice of having meal for the dead, especially the martyrs 

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