Maximus the Confessor
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Maximus the Confessor

Confessor, Theologian, Homologetes
Born     c. 580 Constantinople or Palestine
Died     13 August 662 exile in Tsageri,Georgia
Honored in     
Eastern Orthodoxy
Roman Catholicism
Canonized     pre-congregation
Feast     13 August (Gregorian Calendar)
               21 January or 13 August (Julian Calendar) 

a Byzantine theologian; resigned the post of Imperial Secretary under the emperor Heraclius and became a monk in c614; opposed monothelites and monophysites; was exiled in c635 due to violation of the emperor’s decree of silence in the matter of Christ’s will; his tongue and right hand were cut off in c662 and then was exiled because of his refusal to compromise his dyothelite position; made a great influence on subsequent Byzantine theology and monastic practice


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