John Chrysostom
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John Chrysostom

East: Great Hierarch and Ecumenical Teacher
West: Bishop and Doctor of the Church
Born     c. 347 Antioch
Died     14 September 407 Comana in Pontus
Honored in     
Eastern Orthodoxy
Roman Catholicism
Eastern Catholic Churches
Oriental Orthodoxy
Eastern Orthodoxy
13 November (Accession to the archbishopric of Constantinople)
27 January (Translation of Relics)
30 January (Three Holy Hierarchs)
Western Christianity
13 September (Repose—transferred from 14 September)
Attributes     Vested as a Bishop, holding a Gospel Book or scroll, right hand raised in blessing. He is depicted as emaciated from fasting, a high forehead, balding with dark hair and small beard. Symbols: beehive, a white dove, a pan,[4] chalice on a bible, pen and inkhorn
Patronage     Constantinople, education, epilepsy, lecturers, orators, preachers

Bishop of Constantinople (398-); a student of Diodore of Tarsus, the leader of School of Antioch; a hermit (c373-c381) practicing austerity; named “Chrysostom (golden-mouthed)” because of his outstanding work of preaching which mainly concerned with the moral reformation of the nominal Christians; After becoming a Bishop of Constantinople in 398, started reforming the city, especially the corruption of court and clergy; accused of sheltering Tall Brothers who fled from Egypt after the condemnation of Origenism, and thus condemned and removed from the see at Synod of Oak (403); despite the support of Pope Innocent I, people of Constantinople, and the entire Western Church, he was still exiled by his enemies, particularly Empress Eudoxia; died in forced travelling on foot in exile in severe weather with feeble health; the greatest of Christian Bible commentator; one of the Four Great Doctors in the Eastern Church (other three: Athanasius, Basil the Great, and Gregory of Nazianzus)

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