Ignatius of Antioch
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Ignatius of Antioch

Bishop, martyr and Church Father
Born     ca. 35 Province of Syria, Roman Empire
Died     ca. 108 Rome, Roman Empire
Honored in     
         Eastern Christianity
         Roman Catholic Church
         Anglican Communion
Canonized     pre-congregation
Major shrine     Basilica of San Clemente, Rome, Italy
Western and Syrian Christianity: October 17
General Roman Calendar, 12th century to 1969: February 1
Eastern Orthodox Church and Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria: December 20 (January 2nd in the Julian calendar)
Attributes     a bishop surrounded by lions or in chains
Patronage     Church in eastern Mediterranean; Church in North Africa

The second (or third) Bishop of Antioch, the successor of St Peter; opposed Docetism and claiming the reality of both Christ’s divinity and humanity; wrote seven letters while was taken to Roman for trial; his letters provided important information regarding the office of Bishop and promoted the significance of the Bishop see (e.g. Eucharist and baptism cannot function without Bishop who has been appointed by Christ); nothing is known of the office of Bishop prior to Ignatius; his words in letters were quoted by church fathers; his letters were widely circulated in Christian community; desire for martyrdom; on the way to martyrdom from Antioch to Rome he wrote letters to the Church of Rome, bagging them not to deprive him of impending martyrdom by intervention; greatly honored by Polycarp; Apostolic Father

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