Gregory Thaumaturgus
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Gregory Thaumaturgus

Bishop and Confessor
Born     c. 213 AD Neocaesarea, Pontus, Asia Minor (modern-day Turkey)
Died     c. 270 AD Pontus
Honored in     
              Roman Catholic Church
              Eastern Orthodox
              Oriental Orthodox
Canonized     Pre-Congregation
Major shrine     Calabria
Feast     November 17
Attributes     Bishop driving demons out of a temple; presenting a bishop's mitre to Saint Alexander the Charcoal Burner
Patronage     against earthquakes, desperate causes, floods, forgotten causes, impossible causes, lost causes
Also known as Gregory of Neocaesarea or Gregory the Wonderworker
Bishop of Neocaesarea; Origen, his teacher, influence him to be converted to Christianity; after returned to Neocaesarea, converted its pagan population; because of rich legends of miracles attributed to him, his was called “Thaumaturgus (the wonder worker)”; opposed Paul of Samosata and Sabellianism at the first Synod of Antioch

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