Gregory of Nazianzus
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Gregory of Nazianzus

Theologian, Doctor of the Church, Great Hierarch, Cappadocian Father, Ecumenical Teacher
Born    AD 329 Arianzum, Cappadocia
Died    25 January 389 / 390 Arianzum, Cappadocia
Honored in    
             Eastern Christianity
             Western Christianity  
             Oriental Orthodoxy
Canonized pre-congregation
Major shrine Patriarchal Cathedral of St. George in the Fanar
Eastern Orthodox Church: January 25 (primary feast day)
                         January 30 (Three Great Hierarchs)
Roman Catholic Church:   January 2 (c. 1500–1969 May 9)
Anglican Communion:      January 2
Lutheran Church:         January 10
Vested as a bishop, wearing an omophorion; holding a Gospel Book or scroll. Iconographically, he is depicted as balding with a bushy white beard.
Gregory of Nazianzus also known as Gregory the Theologian or Gregory Nazianzen; was a 4th-century Archbishop of Constantinople. He is widely considered the most accomplished rhetorical stylist of the patristic age. xxi As a classically trained orator and philosopher he infused Hellenism into the early church, establishing the paradigm of Byzantine theologians and church officials.:xxiv

Gregory made a significant impact on the shape of Trinitarian theology among both Greek- and Latin-speaking theologians, and he is remembered as the "Trinitarian Theologian". Much of his theological work continues to influence modern theologians, especially in regard to the relationship among the three Persons of the Trinity. Along with the brothers Basil the Great and Gregory of Nyssa, he is known as one of the Cappadocian Fathers.

Gregory is a saint in both Eastern and Western Christianity. In the Roman Catholic Church he is numbered among the Doctors of the Church; in Eastern Orthodoxy and the Eastern Catholic Churches he is revered as one of the Three Holy Hierarchs, along with Basil the Great and John Chrysostom.

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