Diodore of Tarsus
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Diodore of Tarsus

Bishop of Tarsus;A founder of Antioch School, which opposed Alexander School on Christology; teacher of John Chrysostom and Theodore of Mopsuestia; literal and historical exegesis; opposed allegorism; opposed Apollinarius; insisting on the complete humanity of Christ; one of the leading figure at the Council of Constantinople (381)

Diodore was born into a noble family in the area of Antioch. He received a classic philosophical education at the school of Athens, and very quickly after his education entered into the monastic life. During this period, Diodore's work focused on philosophical treatises and opposing Emperor Julian's attempts to restore paganism in the empire. When an Arian named Leontius was made bishop of Antioch, Diodore and his friend Flavian (who later was himself appointed as bishop of Antioch) organized those who followed the Nicene orthodoxy outside the walls of the city for worship. Those services are seen as the beginning of antiphonal singing in the church, a practice that became widespread among Christians.

During his time at the monastery in Antioch, Diodore came under the tutelage of Meletius, a theologian opposed to the Arian tendencies of the era and a strong support of the Nicene factions of the church. In 360, the church in Antioch split into factions, having two Nicene and two Arian bishops. Meletius was one of the Nicene bishops of Antioch in 360, and it was he that ordained Diodore as a priest. Diodore, in turn, was a strong supporter not only of the Nicene cause but of Meletius.

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