St. Pantaleon
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Saints who lived, borned or died  İn Asia Minor Anatolia, Turkey

St. Pantaleon

Born ca. 275 Nicomedia in Asia Minor
Died 303 Nicomedia İzmit Anatolia
Honored in     
Eastern Orthodoxy
Oriental Orthodoxy
Roman Catholicism
Major shrine Pantaleon Monastery in Jordan desert,
           Saint  Pantaleon Church built by Emperor Justinian
             in the 6th C, Constantinople
Feast     27 and 28 July
        18 February
Attributes A compartmented medicine box,
           with a long-handled spatula or spoon;
           a martyr's cross.
Patronage Physicians, midwives, livestock, lottery,
         lottery numbers, lottery winners, lottery tickets,
         invoked against headaches, consumption, locusts,
         witchcraft, accidents and loneliness,
         helper for crying children

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