St. Menas
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Saints who lived, borned or died  İn Asia Minor Anatolia, Turkey

St. Menas

Martyr and Wonderworker
also known as  Mena of Egypt, Menas of Constantinople, Menas of Cotyaes
Menas of Cotyaeum, Menas of Egypt, Menas of Kotyaeum
Menas of Mareotis, Mennas, Minas, Mina, Mena
Born     285 AD
Niceous, Egypt
Died     c. 309 AD Cotyaes in Phrygia, Asia Minor
Kütahya Anatolia
Honored in     
Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria
Eastern Orthodox Churches
Oriental Orthodox Churches
Roman Catholic Church
Canonized     Pre-Congregation
Major shrine     Monastery of Saint Mina, Mareotis, Egypt
Church of Saint Menas (Cairo)
Feast     November 11 (Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox Churches)
        November 24 or 15 Hathor(Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria)
Attributes man with his hands cut off and his eyes torn out;
           man with two camels; young knight with a halberd,
           an anachronistic depiction of his time in the Roman army
Patronage falsely accused people; peddlers; traveling merchants


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