St. Jacob of Nisibis
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Saints who lived, borned or died  İn Asia Minor Anatolia, Turkey

St. Jacob of Nisibis

First bishop of Nisibis
also known as James of Nisibis and as Jacob of Nusaybin
He was the first Christian to search for the Ark of Noah,
which he claimed to find a piece of on a mountain,
Mount Judi (Turkish Cudi Dağı), 70 miles (110 km) from Nisibis
Born     3rd century Nisibis (Antiochia Mygdoniae)
Died     c. 350 Nisibis
Honored in
Eastern Orthodox Church
Syriac Orthodox Church
Coptic Orthodox Church
Armenian Apostolic Church
Eastern Catholic Churches
Roman Catholic Church
Feast     January 13 & October 31 (Eastern Orthodox Church)
        May 12 (Syriac Orthodox Church)
        18th Day of Month of Tobi (Coptic Orthodox Church)
        December 15 (Armenian Apostolic Church)
        July 15 (Roman Catholic Church)

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