St. George of Lydda
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Saints who lived, borned or died  İn Asia Minor Anatolia, Turkey

St. George of Lydda

Born between c. AD 256 and 285
Lydda, Syria Palaestina, Roman Empire
Died     April 23, 303 Nicomedia, Bithynia, Roman Empire
Honored in     
Roman Catholicism
Oriental Orthodox Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Major shrine     Church of Saint George, Lod
Feast     April 23
Attributes  Clothed as a soldier in a suit of armour or chain mail,
            often bearing a lance tipped by a cross,
            riding a white horse, often slaying a dragon.
            In the West he is shown with St George's Cross emblazoned
            on his armour, or shield or banner.
Patronage Many Patronages of Saint George exist around the world

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