St. Dorothy
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Saints who lived, borned or died  İn Asia Minor Anatolia, Turkey

St. Dorothy

virgin martyr
Died 311 Caesarea Mazaca
Honored in     
Roman Catholic Church
Eastern Orthodox Church
Feast     February 6
Attributes     maiden carrying a basket of fruit and flowers,
especially roses; also depicted wearing a crown of flowers (such as roses)
; depicted surrounded by stars as she kneels before the executioner;
crowned with palm and flower basket, surrounded by stars;
 depicted in an orchard with the Christ-child in an apple tree;
 leading the Christ-child by the hand;
 veiled with flowers in her lap;
 depicted holding apples from heaven on a branch
Patronage horticulture; brewers; brides; florists; gardeners;
           midwives; newlyweds; love; Pescia

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