Saint Simon the Zealot
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Saint Simon the Zealot

Born     Cana or Canaan
Died     ~65 or ~107 place of death disputed. Possibly Pella, Armenia; Suanir, Persia, Edessa, Caistor
Honored in     
             Roman Catholic Church
             Eastern Orthodox Church
             Coptic Church
             Oriental Orthodox Churches
             Eastern Catholic Churches
            Anglican Church
             Lutheran Church
Major shrine     relics claimed by many places, including Toulouse; Saint Peter's Basilica[2]
           October 28 (Western Christianity)
            May 10 (Coptic Church)
Attributes     boat; cross and saw; fish (or two fishes); lance; man being sawn in two longitudinally; oar
Patronage     curriers; sawyers; tanners
Tradition also claims he died peacefully at Edessa


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