Do You Know

Holy lands Asia Minor is Anatolia, Turkey.

Do you know in the holy lands of Asia Minor there are many places for christianity as important Lydia, Myra, Pontus, Troy, Olympus, Antioch, Tarsus, Nysa, Smyrna. And there are as many saints and martyries Mary, Paul, Joseph, John, George, Patrick, Jeans, Nicholas.
The christian word was first used, and the development of christianity. And there are many things first and first event for christianity.

The first christian word
The disciples were called Christians first in Antioch
The first christian churches are in anatolia
- Rock-carved the first church of St. Peter in Antioch (Antakya)
- The world's second oldest church, the church of the Virgin Mary is located in the Idyllic town.
- Deyr-i-messiah (Jesus church-central): In the history of Christianity, is the first churches in A.D. 38 were made by the Assyrians.
The first blessed the city of Edessa (Şanlı Urfa)
Edessa (the modern Urfa in south-east Turkey) was celebrated throughout Christendom for the legend of the exchange ofletters between its pagan king and Jesus at Jerusalem. It was venerated as the first kingdom to accept christianity, it was the center of the syrian church, The goal of the innumerable pilgrim from the east and west, and the birthplace of classical literature syriac
First christian pictures
The effect of Cappadocia region in the development of early Christian art is very important. In this region, many of the monasteries, churches, chapels and houses the pictures on the walls of Byzantium became the pioneers of the art of painting.
The first consul
Between 20 May and 25 July 325, the first consul of Christianity gathered in İznik. Creed, this council were the first Christian community
The first underground churches and cities
The first underground cities in the religion of Christianity (katakom) are located in Kaymaklı and Derinkuyu which are in Nevşehir province.
The first female monasteries
The first female monasteries located (curve apr Island) nuns across the island (Karabakh)karıbağlarında quality wines made of grapes grown.
The first official sermon
In Yalvaç Isparta, saint gave his first sermon at palvus.
The first crusade
First, in the hands of the Anatolian Selçuk State of the castle of İznik, they took delivery of 18 June, and from there, Antioch (Antakya) after the siege of
Palestine, Syria and Lebanon, and came to Jerusalem and besieged Jerusalem in 1099
The first bishop
St. Peter church in Antioch who (Simon), the first bishop of the Roman Catholic Church
The first monastery in Constantinapolis
Samatya, 382'de satorninos pain monastery was founded by the dalmatou acceptable
The first village church in Anatolia
It was in Kırşehir, Taburoğlu Village named as Tripod Church and was the place of worship for three sects (Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant)
The first letter to the Biblical
Galatians part of the Bible is written for the Central Anatolia region and letters to the oldest Colossians part of the Bible is written for Denizli region.
Ephesians part of the Bible is written for the Aegean region.
The first churches in Anatolia was written in a letter
Churches in Anatolia letter written in the Bible.
The church of Ephesus
The church of Smyrna
The church of Pergamos
The church of Thyatira
The church of Sardis
The church of Philadelphia
The church of Laodicea
To the Roman Empire adopted Christianity
I. Theodosius accepted the christianity as the official religion of the Roman Empire, whose tomb is in Istanbul.
Mary Magdelena
The house of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus, is in Selçuk, Efes.
Noah's Ark
Noah's Ark came to land in Anatolia. (Ağrı, Suphan, Cilo, etc... there are rumors about it wich are in Asia Minor)
The cross of Jesus the Prophet
Saint Helena, mother of the emperor of Constantinople, was crucified on the cross. This is one of the pieces of the holy cross which is in
the church of Hagia Sophia now.
The best library
14. Century, monastery church door chora library (Kariye Mosque) (Ritual books, church elders, writings and life stories of saints) Byzantium served as the best library wich is in Edirne.
Saint Tekla
Lu Iconium Saint Tekla, apostle paul believe in Christianity in Anatolia, the first woman to travel in the accompanying considered the first woman martyr.
The first Christian martyr
Asia Minor, the first Christian martyr Saint rust truck and is mentioned in the bible.
The first mosque bearing the name of a Christian
The historic mosque in Antioch. Is known as the first mosque in Anatolia. Mosque was built on the temple of a pagan Roman era.
The current work of the period of Ottoman mosques, madrasas around the rooms are surrounded by. A fountain in the courtyard of the 19th century, the work available. The northeast corner of the mosque, the disciples of Jesus John and Paul were martyred with them first, and the first person to believe in Antioch stands the tomb of Habib-i Neccar.
The ancient city of Ephesus
Temple of Artemis, one of the 7 wonders of the world, is in Efes.
World Orthodox patriarchate in Istanbul lantern district center.
St Nicholas
Santa Claus, known as Nicolas, whose tomb is in Demre, Antalya
The birth place of Saint Luke is in Anatolia Antioch
The birth place of Saint Paul is Tarsus in Anatolia
The capital of Paulinizmin is Divriği
Jacobites St. James was born in Tella (Viransehir
Aramaic, the cradle of Christianity, is Tur Abdin (Mardin region)
Turkey's largest church
St. Anthony cathedral is in Mersin.
The church of Hagia Sophia
The largest temple of the Christian world for centuries which has 55 meters 60 cm height.
In VII. Century, 5 place which chosen as a center of Christianity by patriarchal. Two of them are in Anatolia, known as Istanbul and Antakya